Taymouth Township Library does not control how patrons use the internet. Parents are responsible for guiding their children’s use.

Patrons are not allowed to view sexually explicit material on the library computers. Patrons who are seen viewing this type of material will be asked to leave the site. The Library is obligated to comply with federal law regarding prevention of exposure to certain explicit images and material.

Minors require parental supervision to use the Internet. Parents are solely responsible for their child’s use of the Internet.

The Library cannot be responsible for the content of material on the internet. Please remember some material may be outdated, wrong, or offensive.

Users have a right to privacy, however it is difficult to achieve when computers are located in a public area. It is rude to look over another’s shoulder and it is disturbing to stand around the computer while waiting for your turn.

The Library staff will be more than willing to help users access the Internet, however, each user is responsible for his or her search.

At no time will the user change the software settings, setups, move or delete icons etc. If there is any fault with the equipment or materials, it should be reported immediately to a staff member. Only software provided by the Taymouth Township Library may be used.

Each user may sign up for one hour periods. If there is no one in line when they are finished, the user may sign up for one more hour. Maximum time on the computer is 2 hours per day, regardless of how many terminals are in use.

The user is responsible for any damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library during their use of the computer.

Copying of copyright-protected material is prohibited.

Violators of computer policies may lose library privileges.